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Kings Cup is one of the most popular drinking games out there. Sometimes just called Kings and also known as “Circle of Death” or “Ring of Fire” the Kings Cup drinking game rules seem a little complicated at first, but I assure you they’re pretty easy to understand. Let’s start with what you’ll need to play this fabulous party game.

Things Needed to Play Kings Cup

  • A Single Deck of Cards – Pretty much everyone has these, and if you don’t, go buy some you cheap bastard. If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you might want to check out our Kings Cup Cards.
  • At Least 2 People – Two people can play this game, but it’s always more fun with more people.
  • Beer or a mixed Alcoholic beverage
  • A pint glass or some similarly sized cup – This is the King’s Cup.

How To Play Kings Cup

Setting Up

  • Place the King’s Cup in the middle of your table or whatever playing surface you’re using.
  • Shuffle your cards, and spread them face-down around the cup.


Play is pretty simple. Decide who goes first, and that player draws a card and follows the rule associated with the number or letter on the card. This continues clockwise around the circle.

Kings Cup Rules

And finally we get to the most important part, the Kings Rules. These might vary depending on where you play and who you play with, but below are the rules we like. We liked them so much, that we decided to print up cards with these rules on them. If you want to check those out, just click here.

  • Ace – Waterfall – You start drinking and then the person to your right starts drinking and this continues around the circle until everyone is drinking. They must keep drinking until you stop. When you stop, the person to your right can stop and so on until no one is drinking any more.
  • 2 – Give 2 – Make any 2 players take a drink
  • 3 – Drink 3 – You drink 3
  • 4 – Give 2 Drink 2 – You make 2 players drink one or one player drink two, and you also take two drinks
  • 5 – You Become Beer Bitch – Pretty self explanatory. You get everyone’s drinks until someone else gets a 5.
  • 6 – Thumbs down – Put your thumb on the table but don’t announce it. The last person to notice and put their thumb down has to drink
  • 7 – Sevens – You start a count at 1. Continuing to your right, the count will continue with consecutive numbers (3,4,5 etc.) except when 7 is reached, instead of saying “7″ the person must say “Fuck you!” and the count direction switches. This will continue with every multiple of 7 or number with 7 in it (17,27 etc) creates the reversal. The first person to screw up the rotation drinks and the round ends.
  • 8 – Invent a rule – There are a lot of popular and well-known rules here, but feel free to get creative. If you are feeling particularly uncreative, check out this list of popular “made up” rules.
  • 9 – Rhyme Time – Start the round by saying a word. The person to your right must then say a word that rhymes. This ill continue counter-clockwise until someone doesn’t come up with a word. That person drinks and the round ends.
  • 10 – Category – This is similar to the rhyming, except you pick a category and players have to come up with something that fits within that category.
  • Jack – Just the Guys Drink – Self explanatory
  • Queen – Just the Ladies Drink – Also, self explanatory
  • King – Kings Cup – You dump a bit of your drink into the King’s Cup. Whoever draws the 4th King has to drink the delicious cocktail created by the 3 drinks previously dumped into it.

That’s it for the Official Kings Cup Rules. As official as they are, we promise not to come to your house and arrest you if you decide to deviate from these rules. Remember to drink responsibly of course. Don’t be a drunken dipshit.

Kings Cup Cards

We are in the process of designing our own Kings Cup Cards. This way, you won’t have to remember the rules, as they’ll be printed right on the cards. If you’d like to be notified when these cards are ready, just fill in your contact information below.  

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